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See, guys? 
Everything’s gonna be okay!

See, guys? 

Everything’s gonna be okay!

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werenotafairytale asked: Don't you think Eli cheating on Clare is totally out of character?

Is cheating worse than:

a) crashing your car into a wall to get a girl’s attention?

b) writing a whole play airing your relationship laundry in front of the whole school?

c) breaking up with a girl because she cares too much about your mental health?


d) an Otter doing a layup?

1lilspark asked: Two-Fold question: 1) Are there any plots you wish you wrote differently? 2) Are there any plots you look at after the fact that you regretted writing at all?


The characters just tell us what to do. We are merely vessels!

juniperlaurel asked: Do many fans need lots of tissues and foam bricks for tonights mid-season finale?

Why foam?

eliandclareforever asked: Did Zig fall into the famous Degrassi blackhole ?

Yes, but he’s been in there working out and is ready to bust out!

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